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123Movies Good Boys is a great comedy that’s surprisingly emotional and consistently funny throughout and at times laugh out loud funny. Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon give great performances and have fantastic chemistry. However, it has some predictable moments due to it’s similarities to other films, especially Superbad.

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It’s important to note this movie is very very inappropriate and not for everyone! I loved almost everything about it on top of having a rough time in my life this really uplifted my spirits no matter what anyone thinks it’s definitely worth a chance. I loved the rebellious humor, soundtrack made me smile, the cast was great, and believe it or not there is some well written dialogue.

I don’t understand the bad reviews for this film given who the creators were. I mean, come on! You should know what you’re getting yourself into here. If you found those other movies funny, 100% go and see this. And the people giving it a one star for just the trailer, without even seeing it, shouldn’t even be allowed to rate!

It’s been awhile since I’ve laughed pretty much through an entire movie like this one. I am willing to bet those bad reviewers haven’t even seen the other movies from these guys, because Sausage Party had worse scenes than this. But it all is the same type of humor. I loved it. My friend loved it. We’re both chicks and were laughing throughout the whole thing.

Full Movie Good Boys (2019) When an entire theater is completely full (no seats left), all laughing and clapping throughout the whole thing, those bad reviewers are the minority.Don’t miss to watch Good Boys YesMovies.


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